“...but the little dreamer has to hear the next song played....”

There is no question that Hilary’s love of music threads back to her genes. After all, her father and grandfather were one time jazz musicians and composers. Hilary’s first teacher was, respectively, AM / FM radio. She was exposed to all styles of music such as jazz, pop, folk, rock, and the sound of Motown. Instead of playing outside with friends, Hilary preferred listening and singing to the songs on her radio. Her vocal teachers were Diana Ross (Supremes) Marilyn McCoo (5th Dimension) and Linda Ronstadt. It wasn’t until she watched Joni Mitchell play guitar and sing the songs she wrote, that new freedom emerged. This influence inspired Hilary to teach herself to play on a borrowed guitar and to pluck out melody lines on an inexpensive organ. Although she had never taken lessons, her tenacity prevailed. This new forum provided a vehicle to connect her intense passion to music. Her singing reputation grew quickly and was reinforced by the crowds who sat and listened to her voice. Hilary continued to write songs and joined a group; unfortunately, she was too young to perform in the clubs. This did not stop her from finding other gigs. In fact, she has since been the featured artist at coffee houses, charity events, and city events. It is not surprising that Hilary’s musical abilities and professionalism make her a favorite to crowds. Many fans have asked for her cd, for they can see that she is a prolific songwriter. Inevitably, Hilary beckoned to the call, and she has recorded her first CD that contains eleven original songs titled, Spirit As Me.